Real world “Layar”-ing

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Yesterday at the terras we did some layar testing.
We where looking at a Android HTC magic phone with the Layar application installed in the Netherlands.

Real world layar (c) @marcfonteijn

Real world layar (c) @marcfonteijn

My first findings are that the application could use some tweaking to optimize performance. The sliders to shorten the radar view are unworkable IMO.
But to conclude the findings, I don’t realy find it usefull as for a bussiness case but it sure is loads of fun.

To find an ATM because layar tells me that it is the clossest in birdflight perpective is not that handy in the real world if there is a channel (water) in between it.

The point of info stuff is very handy. The yellowpages could also be good if you could pick the type of bussiness.

Jobs: I personly find this useless. It doesn’t tell me anything about the fact that the job is interesting for me. I don’t want to see an opening for a cleaning lady. This layar is more a campagne branding thing for the job company.

It would be best if there is a AR directory on which one can select a layer of intrest and use that in there desired application/AR browser. The App-store of layers if you wil!

AR Twitter accounts to follow

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There are several AR twitter users you should follow to keep up to date on AR.

This search will also show you nice info

If you know any more then please mention them in the comments and I will ad them to the list in this post.

Thanks @Wikitude !